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Ready To Assemble cabinets

Ready to Assemble Cabinets vs. Pre Assembled Cabinets: How to Choose

There are two types of cabinets to choose from. How do you choose between Ready to Assemble Cabinets Vs Pre Assembled Cabinets? Check here for a comparison.

Are you ready to buy new cabinets for your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom?

Don’t grab the first set of cabinets you find! Keep in mind that there are two types of cabinets to choose from. You’ll have to choose between ready to assemble cabinets (RTA) and pre-assembled ones.

Pre-assembled cabinets are the ones you simply have to install. They already come ready to use. RTA cabinets, however, require you to assemble them before you can install and use them.

Not sure which ones are the better and more affordable cabinets? Strap in and discover the differences with our comparison guide. Keep on reading to find out more:

Lower Cost

The biggest benefit of RTA cabinets over assembled kitchen cabinets is the lower cost.

You don’t have to pay labor fees or assembly fees, which significantly cuts down the expenses for the cabinets you order. At the same time, you don’t have to pay production costs since most RTA cabinets are mass-produced items that come off an assembly line.

Shipping costs for RTA cabinets are also significantly lower. Manufacturers can fit the pieces in flat boxes, making them easier and cheaper to deliver. Assembled cabinets take up much more space and will cost you a higher shipping fee.

Higher-Quality Cabinets

When you buy cabinets online, you’ll want a guarantee that you’re getting your money’s worth. Despite the lower cost, RTA cabinets are often high-quality products.

They’re often better than pre-assembled ones. Ready to assemble cabinets offer more variety too. This is thanks to the fact that they’re easier, faster, and less costly to make.

Compare the quality of two sets of cabinets with the same price, one pre-assembled and one DIY.

Pre-assembled cabinets have to consume every penny into their production and assembly. RTA ones, however, don’t have to cover the expense of assembly. This means manufacturers can put the extra money into better materials and high-end designs.

If you’re going to spend the same amount of money, why not invest in the cabinets that look better, are sturdier, and will last much longer? You’ll have to assemble them yourself, but that’s also a part of the fun!

Enjoy DIY Fun

There’s no denying the fun some people have when building things with their own two hands. There’s a sense of pride that only comes out after spending time building something and then watching it go from separate pieces into a fully functional product.

It’s this sense of fun that permeates through DIY projects. It’s why people love making their coffee drinks with an espresso machine, or why people buy Gundam units that require assembly. A lot of people make their furniture or food at home instead of buying these things elsewhere.

The DIY market is already big and it continues to grow with each passing year. People love to do things themselves, and it’s not always about saving some cash. A lot of people prefer DIY because of how fun it is and the sense of accomplishment they get after completing a project.


Do you prefer framed construction or frameless construction cabinets? Do you want to use all the shelves in the RTA cabinet kit or remove one for some extra vertical space?

The beauty of RTA cabinets is that you have more flexibility with how you want them to look and function. It’s easy to paint the individual pieces, for example, before you put the cabinets together. If you have a home workshop, you can even alter the pieces to your liking.

Pre-assembled cabinets don’t offer this. Removing or editing a part of the cabinet will require professional tools and a lot of hard work. With RTA cabinets, you can customize the build during assembly.

Easy Shopping

Most people do their shopping online, but this can lead to some issues when looking for cabinets. Pre-assembled cabinets aren’t always available. Not every manufacturer will keep building them since it requires a lot more effort and money to assemble them.

RTA cabinets come off an assembly line in pieces. They come packed flat in boxes, which makes them easy to ship out and deliver.

Lower Risk of Damage

There is a big risk when buying pre-assembled cabinets. They don’t come in a protective box, so there’s always the chance of them suffering damages during shipment. All it takes is one drop for the wood panels to crack, hinges to come off, or edges to chip off.

RTA cabinets, on the other hand, come packed in flat boxes. You’ll often find them wrapped inside with protective plastic or bubble wrap too. Some might come with foam to cushion them in case of a drop.

The protective packaging on RTA cabinets reduces the risk of damages. You’ll get your cabinet in good shape and in no time.

Faster Shipping

Pre-assembled cabinets require special shipping. These are big items, after all, that require delicate shipping methods. This means they’ll require more time before they can ship out.

You’ll also have to wait for the assembly to finish. This could take some time, depending on how many orders are on the line.

With RTA cabinets, you don’t have to wait. As soon as they come off the manufacturing line, the pieces then go into boxes and are ready for shipping.

Buy the Best Ready To Assemble Cabinets Today

Now you know why ready to assemble cabinets triumph over pre-assembled ones. The latter isn’t a bad choice, but you get so much more from RTA cabinets and for a lower price. You also get the satisfaction of building them, and there’s no denying the convenience when shopping online for RTA cabinets.

Are you in need of the best cabinets and cabinet accessories in the market? Do you want a ton of options to compare and check out before finally buying a set?

Look no further, because we’ve got what you need. Get in touch right here and check out our vast catalog of RTA cabinets!