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Shipping Policy

White Cabinets / Shipping Policy

Mandatory Receiving Requirements for LTL or UPS Deliveries

Step 1: Check skid and loose piece count on Bill of Lading (BOL)/Delivery Receipt(DR), and match it to the actual amount of skids and loose pieces onthe pallet.

Step 2: Visually check pallet for damage. IMPORTANT: If the boxes appear to be damaged, take close-up and wide-angle photographs of the damage.

Step 3: Check packing slip (located on shrink-wrap of pallet) against the actual items on the pallet. Item numbers are located on the outside of each box.

Step 4: Make appropriate notes on the BOL/DR. If something appears to be missing:

*Make a note on all copies of the BOL/DR that lists the items that are missing.

*If there appears to be damage to the product or the boxes, make a note on all copies of the BOL/DR that states: Box Damage/Product Damage.

Step 5: Sign the Bill of Lading (BOL)/Delivery Receipt (DR). Keep one copy and save it for future reference, if needed.

*Pictures of any damaged product and packaging are required. Please contact whitecabinet.com to start claim process.

Please submit with claim form to info@whitecabinet.com

*In case of items that need to be returned, please see the Returned Goods Policy.

*In case of missing or damaged parts, please see Concealed Missing, Damaged or Defective Parts Policy.