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Kitchen cabinets in white, grey, and wood colors are all too standard, but what about blue? What effect does it have on a kitchen? In general, blue kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen more calming, creating a grounded, welcoming feeling. But how it shapes, your kitchen largely depends on the shade you use.

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Blue Kitchen Cabinets Shades Type

Light Blue

Light blue shades of kitchen cabinets work well if you want a bright kitchen. Light blue kitchen cabinets reflect light better than darker shades, making the kitchen feel more vibrant and more prominent. If you have a small kitchen that you want to feel a little larger and possibly less claustrophobic, a lighter shade of blue kitchen cabinet may be the best choice for you. Light blue kitchen cabinets can go a long way in creating an inviting kitchen that can boost your mood first thing in the morning. The effect of brightening the room works best if you have natural light in your kitchen; otherwise, there isn’t much for it to reflect. Be sure to pair your light blue kitchen cabinets with other lighter-colored surfaces because if you don’t, you’ll lose the effect when darker surfaces absorb the light that is bouncing around.

Neutral Blue

Like light blues, natural blues can also help lighten up a room. Neutral blues have the advantage of seamlessly blending all the colors in your kitchen together, so no part of your kitchen stands out; it appears to be one cohesive unit.

Dark Blue

Dark blues, while also creating an inviting kitchen, do so differently from lighter shades. The darker shades ground the kitchen, making it feel homier. Blue naturally makes a room feel more peaceful and serene because it reminds people of looking at the sky or the ocean. If you have a larger kitchen, darker shades of blue cabinets can help “slim down” your kitchen. The dark color will make it feel a little smaller and more inviting. Dark blue kitchen cabinets, such as our Aria Blue Cabinets, can also become the centerpiece of a kitchen, providing a pop of color against lighter colors that liven up your kitchen and give it some personality. Your cabinets are often the first thing people notice in your kitchen, so having cabinets that pop will make your kitchen more enjoyable than using mellow colors and shades that blend.

Why Choose Blue Kitchen Cabinets

You have many options for choosing blue kitchen cabinets, but they also have some advantages. Namely, blue is a versatile color, can be paired with other shades of blue, and won’t go out of style.


Blue kitchen cabinets are incredibly versatile and help you with whatever aesthetic or tone you want to achieve. They can give you a vibrant, lively kitchen full of natural light that helps energize you to start your day in the morning. It can also create a cozy room for you to relax in and feel at home after a long day. Plus, people will always be impressed by your kitchen.

You Can Use Two Shades

Who says you only have to use one shade of blue? With so many shades of blue, no one said you had to limit yourself to one. However, pairing blue kitchen cabinets with another shade of blue on your backsplash or countertop adds an exciting layer of depth that you won’t get just from two completely different colors.

It Doesn’t Go Out of Style

Blue kitchen cabinets are always a stylish choice for kitchens. Dark shades of blue kitchen cabinets have been a popular choice for many years, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. They can provide an exciting pop of color for an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. They can create a comfortable space inviting guests to gather in, help your children with their homework, or even cook in! Because blue kitchen cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and functional, you won’t need to change them in a few years for something that looks better or something more comfortable. It’ll continue to impress your guests, and you’ll feel cozy enough that you won’t consider changing your kitchen cabinets for years or even decades.

FAQ’s About Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Are blue kitchen cabinets trendy?

So blues come and go with the times, but dark blues, like our Aria Blue, never fade away. Instead, their robust and dark tone persists as other color trends come and go.

Is blue a good color for kitchen cabinets?

Blue is a versatile color that can help your kitchen feel cooler, calmer, and homier. A lighter shade can help brighten a room, while darker shades can give your kitchen an impressive pop of color.

Why do people choose blue kitchen cabinets?

Blue kitchen cabinets make a kitchen feel calm and serene while providing a bit of personality.

Are blue kitchen cabinets easy to keep clean?

Dirt doesn’t show up easily on blue cabinets, even lighter shades, so it doesn’t require you to clean as much as you would on lighter-colored surfaces.