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Grey doesn’t seem like a color people usually get excited about, but it’s more interesting than you think. Grey kitchen cabinets aren’t the dull background you might expect. Instead, there is a wide array of greys to choose from that affect your kitchen’s tone and overall feel. Greys come in lighter shades than brighten a room, neutrals that do other stuff, and darker ones that can help ground your kitchen.

Now that you are familiar with grey kitchen cabinets and how to look for one that’s best for you see the well constructed, affordable options we have.

Shades Of Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Light Greys

Light grey kitchen cabinets work well when you want a bright kitchen. They help reflect light, bouncing it around the room, making space feel more extensive and more lively, perfect for small kitchens that receive even a tiny amount of natural light. Lighter grey kitchen cabinets match best with other lighter colors such as white or light blue. In addition, they can help your kitchen feel cleaner, roomier and draw attention to accent pieces.

Neutral Greys

Neutral greys are great for mixing well with other non-contracting colors. If you want to blend a room seamlessly with different mellow colors, neutral is the way to go.

Dark Greys

If your kitchen is large and spacious, dark cabinets can ground the room, making it feel a little smaller than it is. On the other hand, if you have an expansive kitchen, that could make it feel more at home and easier to relax around your kitchen.

Why Choose Grey Kitchen Cabinets?

There’s a reason grey kitchen cabinets are so popular. Well, a few, actually. As we just noted, they come in a wide variety of shades that can go with any style or tone you want. Grey can brighten a room, create contrasting colors, or blend everything. In addition to varying brightness, grey kitchen cabinets also have a broad spectrum of undertones. They have everything from blue undertones to match cooler colors to yellow, which pairs well with warmer colors. Between these two factors, greys prove that they are as versatile as it gets. You could even pair your grey kitchen cabinets with second grey color to add some depth to your kitchen. Grey is about as versatile of color as white, but it stays clean much easier. So while even the slightest smudge can be seen on a white cabinet, it takes more than that for your guests to notice anything on grey kitchen cabinets.

How to Choose the Ideal Grey Kitchen Cabinets

We’ve seen the benefits and the variety of shades, but how do you choose the one that works best for YOU? It’s best to take an honest assessment of the kitchen you have and what you want it to look like.

1. What is your kitchen like?

Take a look around. Do you have a large kitchen or a little one? Do you have a lot of light? What is your kitchen style? If you have a modern-styled kitchen, our Shaker Grey Kitchen Cabinets may be the choice for you.

2. What tone do you want your kitchen to have?

Do you want a bright tone or a dark, or maybe neutral? Choosing a light tone if you’re going to brighten up the room, and likewise, a dark one can work if you plan on using contrasting elements.

3. What other colors are in your kitchen?

Are you going to have colors that highly contrast with each other, or are you looking to have the colors blend a little better? Ensure the greys you choose have an undertone that matches what you want; for example, a blue undertone won’t work with brighter colors but works nicely with anything cooler.

FAQ’s About Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Why are grey kitchen cabinets popular?

While grey may sound like a “boring” color, it adds depth to your kitchen and helps show off other aspects of your kitchen.

Are grey kitchen cabinets easy to clean?

Grey kitchen cabinets don’t show dirt as quickly as other colors, especially white, so they don’t require as much cleaning.

Are grey kitchen cabinets a fad?

Grey is a timeless option for your kitchen cabinet color. In addition, it can go with a wide range of color schemes for the rest of your kitchen. So as you keep changing what you want, your kitchen’s tone, style, and color scheme, your grey cabinets can remain a part of it.